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Application of SV300 in linear automatic electroplating line

I. Introduction

electroplating is mainly divided into hanging plating and barrel plating. The hanging plating automatic production line to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is divided into ring mechanical or hydraulic automatic production line and linear automatic production line. There are many factories around Wuxi for the manufacture of straight-line electroplating automatic lines. In addition, there are many famous factories in Nanjing, Beijing, Hefei, Hangzhou and Guangdong. This paper briefly introduces the application of Taian new intelligent SV300 series frequency converter in the running of light straight-line hanging plating automatic line

II. Introduction to electroplating equipment and working principle

the main equipment of the electroplating production line includes: frame, tank body and traveling crane. The tank body is composed of tin removal, degreasing, corrosion, polishing, activation, electroplating and water tank. The degreasing and corrosion tank body is equipped with heating and temperature control devices. The electroplating tank is equipped with heating, temperature control devices and cooling devices. The cooling is achieved by manually adjusting the valve. The water tank is equipped with a liquid level controller. The tank body is welded by polypropylene plate, and there are corresponding air outlet, sewage outlet, internal and external overflow outlet and water inlet inside the tank body. The traveling crane is composed of motor, lifting guide rail, horizontal guide rail and other components. Generally, imported programmable logic controller (PLC) is used to control each process of the production line. It is convenient to rewrite the program, small in size and high in reliability. The latest development is the use of PLC and computing agencies into a close service network system. In the aspect of crane operation, variable frequency governor is widely used to control the running speed of crane. Use the proximity switch to control the accurate positioning of the traveling crane

III. SV300 application description

the control of the traveling crane is specifically to make it move up, down, forward and backward. A typical working sequence is: the traveling crane moves forward or backward to reach the position of the plating bath, then descends to immerse the plated parts in the bath, and then rises after electroplating. The control sequence of the crane is controlled by PLC. In order to control the start and stop of the motor quickly and stably, the motor is controlled by Taian SV300 frequency converter. The start and stop and speed signals of the frequency converter are given by PLC. The operation of frequency converter adopts external terminal wiring. Connect S1-S5 of the inverter TM2 terminal block to the PLC respectively, and control the on-off of S1 and S2 through the PLC to realize the forward, reverse and stop of the inverter

in order to make the driving operation fast and stable, it is difficult to measure the fixed given speed more accurately. However, the cost of controlling the speed of the frequency converter by using the analog given mode will increase a lot, and the circuit is complex, which is not convenient for practical application. Therefore, the multi-stage speed control mode of the frequency converter is adopted as a compromise. SV300 frequency converter has 7 levels of speed that can be switched. Several external function terminals S3, S4 and S5 can be used to control the switching of each section of speed. In actual use, the three-stage speed mode is adopted. The lowest speed is adopted at the start, and then it passes through the medium speed to reach the high-speed operation. When it is close to the stop position, it passes through the medium speed to low-speed operation until it reaches the stop position. At the same time, in order to make the Traveling Crane quickly respond to the start and stop signals sent by PLC, the frequency converter is required to set a shorter acceleration and deceleration time, and the motor with brake is used. However, too short acceleration and deceleration time may cause the frequency converter to stop due to deceleration overcurrent, so add a brake resistance to the frequency converter

the main SV300 parameters are set as follows: =1, =80hz, =1s, =1s, =12hz, =40hz, =65hz

IV. conclusion

the control core of the linear electroplating automatic line is PLC. Through PLC control, the system has the characteristics of high reliability, strong anti-interference ability to comply with their recommendations, easy operation, etc. The application of Taian SV300 frequency converter enables the crane to run quickly and smoothly. The external control of the frequency converter through PLC also makes the operation very simple and fast

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