Application of the hottest temperature and humidit

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Application of temperature and humidity recorders in various fields

temperature and humidity recorders have been widely used in many fields, especially in occasions where it is directly required to record the temperature and humidity changes in the whole process. The temperature and humidity changes in the storage, production, transportation and other processes are reflected according to the change values recorded by the recorders, and scientific and effective management, analysis and induction are carried out through professional PC analysis software. BR, Br, Br,

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the hydraulic pressure of the bursting tester is very important

1. Electronic manufacturing industry, dust-free environment, IC packaging factory, Br, Br, Br,

=============================6. Leather tensile testing machine: Leather needs to test tensile strength Tear strength, etc. =============================== BR, Br

smt manufacturers, OEM and EMS manufacturers, as electronic manufacturing enterprises, their raw materials, intermediate products and finished products all need to be in one line

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