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At the beginning of each year, all industries begin to release the latest trends of the second year. Home decoration industry is no exception. New popular elements often become the vane of home decoration in the coming year. So, what are the new trends of home decoration in 2011

first, design advocates people-oriented

with the increase of the new generation of high-cultural consumer groups, the cultural content of home decoration will be greatly improved, and talented home designers will have an increasing market. Whether decoration or furniture, the concept of "people-oriented" is the guiding ideology of design. People are more in pursuit of the comfort of home life. Humanized design is the solution to meet this demand, and redundant and fancy decorations will be eliminated

at the same time, decoration closely follows the pace of international fashion trends. Many fashion elements that originally appeared only in fashion consumption such as clothing, accessories, cars, etc. will appear in home decoration. As the leading trend of today's fashion trend, simple style will continue to be popular

in addition, intelligent home is the key development direction of home decoration in the future. Furniture, doors and windows, lighting appliances, electrical appliances, kitchen and toilet appliances at home will be intelligently configured according to the different needs of different users at different times to meet the living needs of modern people

second, the third-party supervision is popular

in 2011, the home decoration supervision refined from the engineering construction supervision will be more and more perfect, and its professional services will be favored by the owners. Now it takes at least three months to decorate a house, and many owners can only have time on weekends or after work. Even if they have time to rush over, because the decoration is too professional, they don't understand it very well, and many owners are very worried about the quality of decoration construction. In order to be reassured and save trouble, many owners began to ask special supervisors to check in some independent supervision companies or studios, because they are independent, and consumers believe in supervision more. Some owners even directly entrust the whole process of decoration such as design, material purchase and construction to the supervisor, which is equivalent to hiring a private project manager to enjoy the decoration trusteeship service provided by the supervision company

therefore, many owners began to inquire about which company's supervisor was good before decoration this year, and some directly asked for supervision from the decoration company. It is believed that in 2011, the third-party supervision will become a "hot commodity" in the process of home decoration

III. liquid wallpaper paint is the most fashionable

in 2011, liquid wallpaper will become a fashion of home wall decoration, which is affecting the choice of more and more people in wall decoration. Liquid wallpaper, also known as liquid wallpaper paint, is a new concept of wallpaper paint. Through special molds, special raw materials and various construction techniques, it can create colorful and various pattern decorations on the monotonous wall. The liquid wallpaper has different styles, which is very personalized and has a realistic decorative effect. The high cost performance of liquid wallpaper makes consumers rest assured that environmental protection, health and low price are the great advantages of liquid wallpaper. It is believed that liquid wallpaper will become a mainstream decoration in the near future

IV. pure solid wood furniture is in the ascendant

with consumers' pursuit of environmental protection and nature, in the spring exhibition of 2011, solid wood furniture exhibition began to separate from the original comprehensive exhibition, and became the highlight of furniture exhibition with a strong momentum. At the same time, solid wood areas and brands in major shopping malls have also increased significantly, and solid wood furniture has obviously become a hot spot in the furniture industry

people in the home furnishing industry said that in the past two years, 100% log furniture is no longer only low-cost trees such as pine, but cherry, ash, walnut, white oak, oak, ebony and other trees began to get rid of the role of decorative panels and become furniture substrates. At the same time, the style, color and style of pure solid wood furniture are becoming more and more diversified to meet the needs of consumers. In addition to the traditional Chinese style, French rural, American rural, Nordic simple and Southeast Asian style have also become the main styles





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