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After going through the property formalities, the decoration can be started.

has been vigorously promoted, and even with preferential interest rates. The housing decoration loan once became the "hardcover project" of Shanghai Bank to attract customers. However, in just three and a half years, "hardcover project" has experienced glory and declined. If the common people don't buy it, what should the bank do? I'm afraid it's embarrassing, but it's a last resort

made a high-profile debut, but now it has come to an end.

just a year ago, personal housing decoration loans were still a project that major banks in Shanghai were keen to promote, and the conditions were constantly relaxed, mainly reflected in the amount and time limit. In addition, if the housing loans and personal decoration loans were placed in the same bank, customers could even have preferential interest rates

when ICBC Shanghai Branch launched the personal decoration portfolio loan, it stipulated that the loan amount was limited to less than 200000 yuan and the repayment period was 5 years. In January 2004, the loan limit was relaxed to 70% of the assessed value of the mortgaged house, and the repayment period was relaxed to 10 years. In other words, if the assessed value of a house is 1million yuan, the decoration loan applicant can borrow up to 700000 yuan

now, such a good thing has long disappeared. The housing decoration loan not only lost these attractive conditions, but even lowered its profile to the point of suspension and renaming. Today, a relevant person from the Shanghai Branch of Agricultural Bank of China confirmed that the housing decoration loan of Agricultural Bank of China had been suspended at the end of May. At present, it is under adjustment. Whether this loan should be cancelled or integrated into other personal loan projects is still pending discussion. The housing decoration loan of ICBC Shanghai Branch has also been cancelled and incorporated into the "darkening" with some other loans

if the interest rate is too high, it's better to replace it with commercial housing loans

"in Shanghai, not many people get bank loans for decoration", a person from the personal finance department of a bank said the main reason. He said that 99 of the 100 people who applied for housing loans in banks would not expect to apply for housing decoration loans, and the amount of personal decoration loans of major banks has been small for several years. After the Bank launched the discount last year, the response was good for a period of time, but it was only short-lived. Now, with the interest rate hike, the housing decoration loan interest rate has to be raised, and its appeal is less

how high is the decoration loan interest rate? For example, the interest rate of decoration loans from six months to one year is 5.58%, from one year to three years is 5.76%, and from three years to five years is 5.85%, while compared with the interest rate of personal housing loans for more than five years (10% discount), the interest rate is only 5.51%. Smart buyers with financial management mind will naturally calculate such an account, that is, to transfer the decoration and repair loans into housing loans. Originally, the down payment of 50% of the housing loans can be changed into the down payment of 30%, saving money for decoration, so the decoration loans will be transferred into housing loans, The interest rate can be much lower, and the repayment period is also long

transfer the target to credit card consumer credit development

since citizens don't buy it, banks can't force it. After stopping the decoration loan, the bank can naturally find other ways to make money. Insiders pointed out that many banks have realized that some personal loan business varieties have become "chicken ribs". Since they are "chicken ribs", there is no need to find ways to promote them, and it is also good to exit low-key. "In fact, many banks did not say no to some consumer loan businesses with small business volume, but in fact, they did not do it."

some personal consumer credit with small business volume in banks will develop to credit card consumer credit. At present, many banks' credit cards have introduced installment repayment for shopping, and there are interest free concessions for a certain period of time. Credit cards will be a focus of the development of consumer credit in the future





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