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Having a spacious bathroom is the dream of many people. You can be completely unrestrained and realize your vision of space as much as possible. In addition, the colorful lamp design, fragrance function and optional sound system in the shower room create a perfect spa space for you

let the bathroom have a new face full of strong sense of design, and pay attention to skills like makeup. Use simple tiles to create a style bathroom that integrates personal characteristics and makes the bathroom look new. The overall collage, local embellishment, waist line design, reasonable separation of dry and wet areas, and small tiles are indispensable. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of the decoration design of the large bathroom

decoration design method of large bathroom:

1 Separate the dry and wet space

the purpose of separating the dry and wet areas is to make the bathroom independent according to different functions. Using ceramic tiles of different colors to decorate the wall or ground, so that the dry area and wet area are obviously separated, is a good way to make the bathroom look fresh and have a sense of design. Choose the matching tiles according to the space size, structure, lighting and actual needs of your bathroom

2. Dry and wet partitions of tiles in the same color system

the mellow and rich coffee color is favored by more and more upper class people. Boloni dark coffee tiles are used as the main color to decorate the walls and floors, which are both classy and easy to clean up. In the rectangular bathroom space, light colored tiles are paved on the wall in a large area, and the U-shaped coffee tiles are worthy of becoming the most creative design in the bathroom. The wall and the ground run through together, separating the bathroom into two parts

3. Contrast color tiles separate the bath area

it is absolutely a good way to decorate the bathroom with the contrast of cold and warm colors of tiles. The reflection of blue tiles on light seems to make people feel like they are in the ocean, and the effect when used in the dry area is cold and clear. The orange tiles give off warmth and softness, balancing the bathroom color. The whole color environment makes the human body warm and comfortable

4. Eye catching design and clever collocation

the variety of tile collage methods makes the bathroom also show a variety of changes. The coordinated use of colors, the diverse collocation of shapes, and the careful design of decorative lines all give the bathroom a new feeling

5. Expand the size space with the waist line

without using complex and high-tech elements, such a design is relatively more economical. Dark mosaic not only forms the whole wall of the wet area, but also the delicate decorative lines of the dry area, and the paving is not complicated. Using waist line to decorate not only makes the space stretch, but also makes the bathroom design more exquisite

6. Oblique lines match with casual bathroom

choose tiles of the same size, the same color system, but different colors. Move your mind slightly on the paving, not only strive to change the color, but also make a big fuss about the direction and shape of the paving. Refusing to center the design, the wide decorative strip is enough to attract attention, and the color and form contrast with the surrounding depth, it is extremely prominent. Whether it's classical style or modern trend, decorating the wall with color contrast and shape contrast is a good way to save trouble and shine

7. Shaping the theme wall of bathroom

a new term introduced from the decoration of public buildings &mdash& mdash; The theme wall has become a “ The first protagonist ”. The so-called theme wall is the most eye-catching wall in the space, through which various design means are used to highlight the personality characteristics of the host

8. Newspaper tiles show creative spirit

if your wall background is dark, use Boloni's boldest pop Decor tiles as the theme wall to decorate the wall. Let the bright colors piled up by newspapers decorate a large area, and the collage effect will make the bathroom design look more atmospheric. Equipped with shiny brushed aluminum bathroom furniture and bright mirrors, it is absolutely cool. Publicized creativity is the only choice for fashionable young people

the above is the introduction of Xiaobian's knowledge about the decoration design of large bathrooms. Please pay attention to the information for more practical knowledge





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