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With the development of China's home furnishing market, the growing wardrobe market continues to mature in major cities in China. It has been more than ten years since wardrobe entered Chinese families. After more than ten years of trials and tribulations, wardrobe enterprises have gradually formed and developed in the Chinese market. In order to attract more consumers, the trend of wardrobe experience consumption has begun to rise. Enterprises experiencing rising consumption in the wardrobe industry should do a good job in the actual battle, and the overall wardrobe brand Deville

future trend of home furnishing industry

with the improvement of consumers' income level and cultural quality, and the scarcity of time resources, their needs show a typical complex and perceptual trend. On the one hand, consumers' shopping needs are beginning to show a diversified trend, and the functions of shopping malls such as wardrobe and furniture are no longer a simple "shopping place", but a "new social space"; On the other hand, emotional factors have increasingly become an important factor affecting customers' purchase of wardrobe products, such as the environment, color and service of the wardrobe store, which will have an impact on customers' purchase behavior

experience consumption has become the mainstream

as a wardrobe enterprise increasingly closely related to the lives of consumers, the emergence of "experience consumption" makes consumers come uninvited and drives consumption. In the consumption of physical stores, experiential consumption will occupy an increasingly important position

wardrobe experience consumption rose

there are various ways of experience consumption, and there are mainly three kinds of successful ones, including direct delivery, free use, display and trial, etc. The exhibition and trial has been quite extensive, which is very effective for the market promotion of large commodities, especially durable consumer goods, especially household products such as wardrobe. At present, Boloni, europay, bailiway and other major brands in the industry have established large-scale home experience halls to show consumers the latest wardrobe products and * advanced wardrobe accessories. Consumers are encouraged to try them during the display, and the use methods are taught on site

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