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Christmas is a month awayslowly. This time last year, the talk, the politician talk, was of “let’s think about a different Christmas”. In Mallorca, after much umming and ahing and discussions with Madrid that were to take more than a further couple of weeks – until the eleventh of December – the Balearic government finally announced that people travelling to the islands from the mainland would have to present negative PCR tests. These were to come into effect on December 20. The different Christmas, by the eleventh of DecemberremoveInterestedInFlag, already entailed Balearic residents having voluntary tests for their return from the mainland to the islandsEarlier this month. These had been brought in ahead of the Constitution Day holiday.

How primitive this all sounds now, but then there was no vaccination a year ago. It was on its way, but no more. Even so, it promised much, as Prime Minister Sánchez was to say when he was in Palma on November 25small social gatherings immediately allowed in B.C. as circuit breaker stops and vaccinations continue, 2020. “We are reaching the beginning of the end of the pandemic.” The vaccination strategy “will allow us to neutralise the virus”Wedding and funerals.

It had yet to be fully determined how different Christmas would be. The prime minister stressed that decisions would be made by the Inter-Territorial Council for the National Health System, the body made up of regional health ministers and the national minister, who was then Salvador Illas received emails from nurses, mostly o. Politically, Illa was to be movable. Considered an electoral asset because he was health minister amidst the crisis, he was to stand as president of Catalonia on PSOE’s behalf, a reminder – if nothing else – that while Christmas might be different, other things were not.

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